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Is it hard to get a job in Vienna?

Finding a job in Vienna is very difficult and competitive. It takes a lot of time and effort upfront. What is necessary for any job anywhere in the world, including in Vienna, is that you have a CV ready when you apply for a job. It is also important that your portfolio matches the criteria required for a specific job and that you speak German.

What salary is good in Vienna?

What is considered an OK salary in Vienna is a net salary in the amount of 2500-3500Eur. That would mean that your annual gross salary is 43,000 eur, all with bonuses. Depending on what position you are in, you can earn from 3000-5000eur per month. And these are some of the latest data from 2022.

Is living in Vienna cheap?

Cost of living in Vienna

Expect your monthly living expenses in Vienna to be at least 1500eur per month if you are not from there. This includes rent, groceries and other expenses. Everything for basic needs within a month. 

Is Vienna friendly to foreigners?

Austrians are very friendly towards foreigners. They are generally greeted and received with a warm welcome. But Austrians are generally known for leading more private lives.

What jobs are in high demand in Vienna?

Top in-demand jobs in Austria in 2022

 What is currently most in demand in Vienna is construction work, masters of all profiles are needed. Painters, the facade workers, ceramicists, roof installers, cleaners, demolition workers, etc. Workers are also needed in health care, tourism is active, catering as well as workers to work in factories.

What is the minimum wage in Vienna?

The current minimum wage in Vienna, Austria is around 2800eur/month. And those are the last data for 2022.

Which district in Vienna is the best to live?

Best neighborhoods to live in Vienna for families, students, and more


How can the BauBau Platform enable you to get to work faster and easier in  Vienna?

If you join our community, register on our platform, which is completely free, you've already done enough to get to work.

The demand for jobs such as painter, roofer, electrician, master builder and similar is increasing in Austria. If you have these skills and knowledge, advertise your services through the BauBau platform. You can be hired for work in Austria, primarily in Vienna, at a price you determine. Payment is made through the application. BauBau solves all legal issues related to work arrangements for you.

Advantages of working through the BauBau Platform:

  • You choose the jobs you want to do
  • You choose the time when you want to work, eg only on weekends or after regular work
  • Payment for work is made immediately upon completion of the work
  • BauBau guarantees for you with the client
  • The possibility of leaving reviews, so if you are a good and hard worker, you have a higher chance of getting recommendations.


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Top Construction and Renovation Services

Ready to transform your space? From dream designs to flawless finishes, let our skilled professionals bring your vision to life. Secure, reliable, and top-quality service is just a click away.

Painter paints the wall for BauBau


Transform your home – choose BauBau's professional painting services for fast, high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

Transport Bus transports a goods to destination for BauBau


Quality transport services by BauBau ensure safe moving for furniture, equipment, and employee transportation.

Cleaner carries the basket off cleaner tools and spray for BauBau


The worker cleans all types of new buildings, residential buildings, office buildings, halls and other buildings. He gets paid by the hour.

Carpenter makes things out of wood for BauBau


Get quality carpenters with BauBau's professional service and easy online booking. From furniture assembly to repairs and custom design, find the right carpenter for your project.

Construction Worker carries a helmet and supervise a construction site for BauBau

Construction Worker

A construction worker is an auxiliary construction worker, he does various jobs.

Demolition Worker demolish a wall for BauBau

Demolition Worker

If you are looking for extra work and are willing to do physical work, then a demolition worker is the right solution for you.

Group of Drywallers sticks a wall material on the roof for BauBau

Drywall Installer

The drywall installer erects, for example, lightweight walls and doors, produces suspended ceilings and paneling conference or interior rooms.

Electrician connects the wires for BauBau


Get quick reliable electrical services with licensed experts with online booking.

Facade Worker painting the facade in white color for BauBau

Facade Workers

Explore facade construction types and tips, including insulation, material selection, and weather considerations. Find professional facade workers easily with BauBau's platform.

Handyman Worker carries his bag of tools around the waist for BauBau

Handyman Worker

A handyman performs a variety of maintenance jobs for homeowners and businesses, either as a contractor or a member of the maintenance department.

Flooring Installer setting up a floor for BauBau

Flooring Installer

Floor covering installers deal with the installation of all types of floors.

Helping worker helps a colleague in transferring boxes from a truck for BauBau

Helping Worker

A construction worker is a worker for all ancillary and auxiliary work alongside the main construction worker. He listens to instructions and carries out the work as requested.

Plumber fixes faucet for BauBau


Discover what plumbers do and find reliable professionals with BauBau's user-friendly app for prompt and quality plumbing solutions.

Two of roof installers on construction site installing new roof for BauBau


A roofer is a professional who installs, repairs, and maintains roofs on various buildings, from single-family homes to office complexes.

Tile Setter setting up a tiles for BauBau

The Tile Setter

Discover skilled tile setters through BauBau's platform, ensuring efficient coordination and high-quality results for your tiling project needs.

Metal worker cuts metal fence for BauBau


Production and installation of metal products. If you are looking for a reliable and quality service for manufacturing metal fences and other metal products, you have found the right place.

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