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The founders of BauBau App are Kings Landing and partners. Some of them come from the construction industry and have firsthand knowledge of the concrete problems on the ground, while others come from the digital industry and bring their expertise to enable the implementation of digital solutions in business.

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BauBau Platform

BauBau is a platform that connects construction employees with jobs.
It arose out of the need to digitize the business. All other industries have become more or less digitized, except for construction. Construction is also the industry with the most organizational problems. And the very point of this application is to reduce problems to a minimum.

Main Problem

The main problem is finding workers. And that was the main and initial idea when creating this platform.
That the digital solutions found are applied at work and facilitate business.

Main Goal

The main goal is to help users make renovations and constructions easier and less stressful.
Those users can be end users and they can also be entrepreneurs who do not have their workers at their disposal at that moment, so they find workers on the BauBau platform.

Construction Worker and Construction the scaffolding on which he works

The Term "BauBau"

It refers to the process of constructing a building from scratch.
BauBau App can assist you in finding the next job for you and your team! As a foreman or lead crew member, you are constantly on the move for the next assignment.
BauBau assists workers in finding stable tasks when they are most needed, as well as earning the extra income they require during downtime.


Baubau Mission is to Make Construction Work a Bit More Organized. Hassle Free.

The Problem

The construction industry is the most unorganized industry today.  Construction and renovations of any kind have a lot of headaches and one of the biggest ones are: finding workers and organization of work. There is no lack of problems to be solved in this field. Starting with finding workers, organizing work, and payments.

Our Mission

Organize better construction work with design and software.

Platform with Solutions

Platform that connects construction Servicers with construction work. The platform enables the joining of these two groups of users, communication, order tracking, invoicing, and everything else that is needed for the best performance of work.
Servicers can be construction workers, painters, carpenters, drivers, excavators, masons, and crane drivers... Most often, the clients are construction companies that need Workers, but customers can also be private individuals.

The Platform

• 2 mobile applications for iOS and Android - one for the customers, and the other for Workers
• WebShop for selling products and services - via desktop, tablets and mobile
Administrator panel - Desktop for managing the platform, configurations, integrations, analytics…
Dispatchers panel - Back office for managing the jobs for our internal people, but also the companies
Website for Marketing and User Acquisitions

Your Next Construction or Renovation Project on the Go

In today's bustling world, managing a construction or renovation project can feel like juggling knives - risky, stressful, and overwhelmingly complex. Endless paperwork, coordinating with multiple contractors, and chasing timelines can drain your energy. At BauBau, we feel your pain and we're here to transform it. With our intuitive mobile and web applications, take command of your entire project wherever you are. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to streamlined, efficient project management—right in the palm of your hand.

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Building Together: Connecting Workers and Employers in Construction

Join the future of construction with BauBau! Find Jobs, connect with employers, and succeed in the industry.

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