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We are a company that manufactures metal fences. We offer a variety of products and services.

What do metalworkers do?

Metalworkers create and assemble various metal building components. Exteriors, steel ladders, frames, doorways, railings, steps, and fences are a few examples of this. In the workshop, the experts create the metal components using prefabricated components, so-called profiles, and specially produced components. They are then taken to the building sites via vehicle. They also replace and fix broken metal building structures inside the shops.

Jobs we do in the workshop:

  • Examine the client's design plan.
  • Choose material,  from steel or aluminum.
  • Determine metal components based on the engineering office's data and drawings.
  • Measure components precisely.
  • Machines are used to cut, mill, drill, punch, and grind plates, beams, and rods.
  • Sing computerized technologies for cutting profiles.
  • The parts should be screwed and welded together.
  • With millimeter accuracy, install door handles, locks, and other fittings and seals.
  • Paint surfaces with an anti-rust formula.
  • Upkeep of tools and apparatus.

Jobs we do on site:

  • Employing a crane or block and tackle to lift heavy items and assemble parts.
  • Make required changes to the components, then bolt and weld them together to secure them.
  • Install doors and windows.
  • Install handrails and other facade components.

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