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What do we do:

We work on the design and production of entire shading technologies, including awnings, verandas, pergolas, interior and outdoor blinds, and much more. Together with the actual product creation, we consider how our products will affect the manufacturing process' energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In the world of roller blinds and blinds in general, we are regarded as a technological leader.

How we do it:

The ISOTRA firm deals with the topic of solar technology and how it affects energy conservation. As one of the technological pioneers, the technologies, developed techniques, research, and development in this field rank it among the top producers of sun protection technology.

The ISOTRA company boasts roomy manufacturers, its own development department, a designing offices, technology, a making specific workshop, a new powder paint coating line, and a thermoplastic pressing line. It also has a new powder paint coating line. The selection is extensive and includes items such as:

  • cloth roller blinds,
  • pleated blinds,
  • Japanese walls,
  • exterior window coverings,
  • insect nets,
  • awnings,
  • screen blinds,
  • verandas and ARTOSI bio - climatic pergolas.

An important component of the production program is the manufacture of elements, profiling lines, cutting tools, and technology groups for the production of blinds. The company's possession of numerous international trademarks and utility models for technical solutions in the field of shading technology is proof of its technological maturity.

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