Demolition Worker

If you are looking for extra work and are willing to do physical work, then a demolition worker is the right solution for you.

Demolition Worker demolish a wall for BauBau

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What is the job of a demolition worker

Demolitionists are employed by demolition companies or construction companies to safely demolish old or unsafe structures.

They are also hired by natural persons when it comes to the renovation of a residential building and when some larger works are planned. Workers are equipped and prepared for this type of work. They evaluate building structures to determine the most effective demolition methods, establish exclusion zones and remove hazardous materials before demolition begins.

If you found yourself in this job description and want additional work, this is the job for you. You need to be physically fit and strong, at full strength. Be able to use tools and demolition machinery and have previous work experience.

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Where is This Service Available?

Currently this service is available in Austria.

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