The Tile Setter

The profession of tiler is just as in demand as most trades. Tiles can be performed in smaller and larger facilities.

Tile Setter setting up a tiles for BauBau

About the Service

What is the job of tile setter?

To be a good tiler you need to either have a trade or have completed tiler training. Work experience is desirable, as well as good references. The job of a tiler is in high demand, as are most trade jobs. Tiling can be done in smaller and larger facilities depending on whether you are part of a team or working alone.

Tilers must:

  • To know how to communicate and listen.
  • To know how to measure and cut.
  • To be precise.
  • To be neat and clean.
  • To be able to handle the tools required fortiling.
  • To notice when something is wrong.
  •  To follow the guidelines to arrange the tiles ina certain order.
  • To analyze ideas and use logic.
  • To imagine how something will look if it is moved or rearranged.

If you have these skills, you can advertise as a worker through the BauBau platform and find new clients for the work you offer.

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Where is This Service Available?

Currently this service is available in Austria.

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