BauBau construction worker on his everyday workspace with two excavators

We believe that our platform has the potential to transform the construction industry by providing a centralized location for all types of construction work. Our comprehensive services ensure that clients can find skilled workers and businesses for any job they need, while providing workers and businesses access to a vast pool of potential clients.

So whether you're looking for work in general construction, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, or any other construction field, we invite you to explore our Jobs page and discover how our platform can help you find the right job or clients to make your project a success.

Mosquito net
eur per hour

Mosquito Net Installer Job

Start a career installing mosquito nets with BauBau, offering flexible opportunities, competitive pay, skill development, safety assurance, and a simplified job search process.

Team of plasterers on the construction site for BauBau
eur per hour

Plasterer Job

Plastering is an essential aspect of construction, renovation, and repair works. As a result, skilled plasterers are always in demand. Here'sa closer look at what it takes to become a successful plasterer.

Metal worker cuts metal fence for BauBau
eur per hour

Metalworkers Job

A metalworker is responsible for creating a variety of metal products, such as fences, windows, doors, and similar structures

Driver in car transport assets for BauBau
eur per hour

Drivers Job

The driver's job includes all types of transport from place A to place B. The priority here is the transport of materials, goods and workers.‍

Flooring Installer setting up a floor for BauBau
eur per hour

Flooring Installer

We are looking for a reliable and skilled flooring installer.

Tile Setter setting up a tiles for BauBau
eur per hour

Tile Setter

A trained tile and marble setter is needed to expand our installation crew.

Electrician connects the wires for BauBau
eur per hour

Electrician Job

We are looking for an electrician to join our team, and work with us.

Painter paints the wall for BauBau
eur per hour

Painters Job

We are looking for a painter with certain Qualifications and Responsibilities.


Register as a Worker

Worker who has register on BauBau mobile aplication and get a Bau job there

Miloš Zikić

I found a job through BauBau Aplication, and I have nothing but words of praise. I'm in the transportation business and they hired me through a job application. The agreement was fulfilled. The money was paid into the account via the application. Everything was correct. I hope I will continue to find work through this application. I recommend it to everyone.

Transport / Driver

Predrag Bibovic, Focus Bau

I make metal fences, I offered my services through the BauBau Application and I was really surprised when I was hired. Everything went according to plan and agreement. What particularly delighted me was that the entire process from hiring, through work to billing can be done through the application. I hope there will be more jobs of this type. All recommendations.

CEO of Focus Bau, Iron and Fence building company

Schwind Peter

Carpenter work is in high demand and I may not even need a job search platform, but what I liked here is that I offer my free time and my prices, in a territory that suits me. Cooperation with BauBau is simple.


Ingin Ozer

I am satisfied with the work I have done through the BauBau Platform. We agreed easily, everyone kept their part of the agreement. I plan to continue driving for BauBau App users. An additional facilitating circumstance is Google maps, so I easily reached the desired destination.


Bombara Miroslav

I am very satisfied with how deals are arranged through BauBu. Would recommend to anyone looking for extra work. No excessive phone calls, the job is billed upon completion. And all through the application.

Facade construction worker

Ahumaraezeama Ndubuisi Anthony

I found good jobs mainly through the BauBau platform. Just to do extra work after hours. I am satisfied with the conditions and cooperation.


Marinović Dalibor

I am a locksmith by profession, although I have a regular job, through the BauBau Application I very easily managed to find additional work in locations close to me. I am very satisfied with the cooperation.


Cazacu Sergiu

I am very satisfied with the application, first of all, the job found me. I painted an apartment and we agreed on everything quickly and easily. All the necessary job-related information was in the application. The agreement regarding the work regarding the payment was also through the application. There was no need for phone calls. Google map enabled me to easily reach the desired destination. All recommendations for BauBau.


Škobić Ivica

I was skeptical at first because I'm not good with apps, but I really have no complaints here. We agreed on everything through the app: place, time, and money. I finished the job and they paid me according to the agreement. I am satisfied.

Extra worker

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