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SAVICJEZEVICA is located in Ježevica, not far from Požega (Serbia). It commenced with its activities in 1973 and is exclusively involved in natural stone, marble, and granite processing. With a steady increase in the number of employees together with production hall technology modernization, SAVICJEZEVICA accomplishes its primary goal by satisfying overall customers` requirements, thus fulfilling global standards.  Thanks to corporate policy, human resources with years of gained experience in the field of stone processing, high-level managerial skills, and leading employees, we have succeeded in being within the very pinnacle of the production process.  

SAVICJEZEVICA have all the necessary equipment and machines designed for performing stone works, along with the production sectors for cutting stone slabs, surface processing (linear polishing), and raw block cutting (multiwire). Apart from hereinabove mentioned sectors, which are housed in modern production halls, we have cranes of high capacities designed for commodity loading/unloading from 2,5t to 30t. Always ready at all times, SAVICJEZEVICA has 600 – 650m3 of raw stone at its disposal in its warehouses. The polishing slab capacity reaches 4500m2 per month. The essential feature of the company is its constant search for new materials and exciting ideas, conquering new markets, as well as expanding the production capacity,  scope of business activities, and number of employees.

Explore our wide range of exquisite stones, including timeless classics and captivating gems. Among them, Travertino Classico stands out with its light beige to tan color, delicate veining, and various finishes like polished, honed, tumbled, and brushed. Blue Pearl enthralls with deep blue tones and iridescent flecks, offering versatility in polished, honed, brushed, and leathered finishes. Emerald Pearl mesmerizes with rich green hues and shimmering flecks, available in polished, honed, brushed, and leathered options. Whether you seek the elegance of Travertino Classico, the allure of Blue Pearl, or the opulence of Emerald Pearl, our collection caters to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring every space exudes refined luxury and enduring charm.


As for finished products, our retail program covers floor plates,  panels designed for facades, flights of stairs, coverings for counters and bars, window sills/lintels,  fireplaces, countertops, washbasin plates, products of various purposes to meet our customer’s needs as well as orders.


Intended for all companies of stone processing activities, we offer marble and granite slabs of various thicknesses together with polished, flame-polished, and bush-hammered surfaces appropriate for further processing, i.e. different final product manufacturing.


Apart from a wide range of products, our professional teams are at our customers` disposal taking all necessary measures forthwith, along with mounting the same products on the territory of Serbia and the EU.

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