How Can I Become a Drywall Installer in Austria

A drywall installer is a construction worker who places plaster or similar material on ceilings, walls or parts of buildings.

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In order to be a good plasterer, you need to be in good physical condition and not mind working at great heights, and using ladders and scaffolding. You need to know how to handle plaster and the tools needed to install plaster partitions or moldings.

What Does a Drywall Installer Do?

A drywall installer is a construction worker who places plaster or similar material on ceilings, walls or parts of buildings. It can be installed from the inside of the building or from the outside. This plaster can be installed as a decorative variant or as a simple closure of a space.

What someone who installs plaster should know is to read the designer's plan and know how to measure and cut the given plaster part. Plaster is placed to lower the ceiling, to cover some holes or unevenness, to aesthetically beautify the room, etc.

Where Does Drywall Installers Work?

As a plasterer you can work either in residential houses and buildings or in commercial buildings, the principle of work is the same. You can work either alone or in a team. On the BauBau Platform you can find a job as a Drywall Installer if you want to work alone or in our team, go and register on our website for free.

Are Drywall Installer Jobs in Demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drywall installer jobs are projected not to change between 2016 to 2026. So while the market isn’t growing, there is a demand for these types of workers as many are retiring. Younger workers are not as eager to pursue manual labor jobs. This is great news for you because the competition is not high. Craftsman jobs offer great salaries. 

Duties and Responsibilities


How much earns drywall installer in Austria

A person working as a Drywall Installer in Austria typically earns around 1,400 EUR per month. Salaries range from 650 EUR (lowest) to 2,230 EUR (highest).

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