How to Find Job As a Facade Worker?

Facader deals with the exterior of the house/building. The most common facade is wall paint, while facades can be made in the form of boards, windows or aluminium.

Facade Worker painting the facade in white color for BauBau

What is the difference between the cladding and a facade?

When we talk about a facade, it refers to the external appearance of a building. Mostly, the term is used when making reference to design, style, or color. External cladding, on the other hand, refers to an external protective layer that protects and beautifies a building envelope.

What is the Facade worker's job?

The facade worker is in charge of the final work in the building process. He builds various types of facades for already-made private and office buildings, using his professionalism and the ideas of the owners to bring out the beauty of the building. There are also different techniques for applying the facade. Workers need to be trained for this type of work. It goes without saying that work is also done in cold weather, and at high altitudes, and scaffolding is generally used. Workers are expected to have all the necessary protective equipment.

How much is the job of a facade worker paid in Austria?

The hourly wage for this type of work is up to 27 Eur, a worker can earn 1800-2800 Eur per month.

How to find a job as a facade worker?

If you are looking for additional work or permanent work as a facade worker, the BauBau Platform is the right place for you.

Register for free on our website and find a job for yourself, in the territory of Austria, in the vicinity of Vienna.

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