How to Become a Painter in Vienna

If you are already engaged in work such as painting, smoothing and decorating walls with certain techniques, don't worry, there is always work for you.

Painter paints the wall for BauBau

Preparing surfaces for paint involves cleaning, repairing holes, removing chipped or cracked paint already on the surface and taping off areas as needed. They also cover and protect objects such as flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures, electronics, windows and doors near the painting area before they paint and uncover, remove tape and clean their work area when they finish painting. Knowledge and experience are needed when it comes to some coatings, substrates, colors and modern techniques, but all this can be learned quickly if you want to work. 

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How to make more money as a painter in Vienna

If you are already engaged in work such as painting, smoothing and decorating walls with certain techniques, don't worry, there is always work for you. One of the most important things to think about is which channel to use to get a secure job.

Whether it's a referral or a job search website depends on how often you want to be engaged. If you advertise on the right website and if you are good at your job, you have already guaranteed yourself a long-term engagement. 

For example, if you are looking for a job through the BauBau Platform, after the work is done, the clients  will be able to leave a review or recommendation for your work.

How to stand out as a painter on the Internet

Want to get more engagement but don't know how? Until now, you have mostly worked through referrals or you searched for job ads in the newspaper or the internet by yourself.  Now there are websites that give you the opportunity to advertise through them and work through that website, but to be independent in choosing a job. So, whether you just need one or 2 clients to fill your schedule in the months when you don't have enough work, whether you need more clients that pay better or you're struggling to find customers at all, through the BauBau Platform you can better organize your work during the year.

Additional jobs for painters in Vienna

You need additional work and additional income, but you don't know how to achieve it? There are part time jobs for your skill. It's always a good option to hire extra on weekends if you work during the week. It's best if the side job you do is something that can be done in the afternoon and evening, just so you can fit your primary job in with it. It's always good to look for a job in the city where you already live and work so that you don't have to travel, thus lowering your labor costs. If you know how to whitewash, paint walls, decorate, that's an excellent starting point for moving on. A craft like painting is always in demand. Especially in Vienna. You can whitewash/paint with a team of people or alone if some smaller objects are involved.

Job for painters in Vienna

If you live and work in Vienna and looking for a permanent job as a painter, then this website is the right place for you. If you register through the BauBau Platform, you can advertise your services and your prices, and BauBau Platform takes care of the administration, paperwork and insurance of the contracted work, assumes the risk and, most importantly, pays you the fee. Money is received through an account. It is important that you have a bank account, that you are an Austrian citizen, or that you have a work visa if you are a foreign citizen. You need to register on the BauBau Platform and install the application. 

The work is organized so that everything is done through the application. It is fully digitized all communication, payments, engagements, contracts and  stuff.

Salaries in Vienna for Painters

If you are interested in how much you can earn as a painter in Vienna, here are some available data for that profession:

The advantage of this advertising platform is that you don't have an employer, but you can highlight your work price on the website and your annual salary depends on your engagement. With BauBau Platform you can earn even more. 

Austrian  market is in deficit with workers who are trained to do work such as plastering, painting, and facade... Anyone who wants to work with it, or is already working with it and cannot reach clients can access our platform, register and be hired for work as needed.

If you are a serious, trained worker and looking for a job in this field, look more on the BauBau Platform, become part of our community and build the future with us.

The problems you have when contracting the work yourself:

If you have some of these difficulties when contracting jobs, know that if you work through the BauBau Platform, it will no longer be your problem. Registration on the BauBau Platform is free. Take advantage of the opportunity and apply today. Good luck with your job search.

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