How to Become a Flooring Installer in Austria

Flooring installers are looking for the most efficient way to install floor coverings in apartments, houses, and business premises.

Flooring Installer setting up a floor for BauBau

You can become a floor installer by completing high school or a program or training. You can undergo training also as an apprentice, as an auxiliary worker. A floor installer needs to cut, measure and install wood, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, tile, etc…

What Does a Flooring Installer Do?

Flooring installers are looking for the most efficient way to install floor coverings in apartments, houses, and business premises. Depending on the size of the job, floor installers can work independently or in a team. They can also be the workers who will remove the old sub-floors before installing the new sub-floors. But another team of workers can also do that. Their task is to install the substrates, whether they are made of wood, laminates, parquet, etc. They are responsible for the entire project and guarantee proper management of materials and tools.

Do Flooring Installers Need to Be Licensed?

It is not necessary for a floor covering installer to have a certificate of completion of training, because the trade could be learned without going to school. What is important is that he has some references about his previous work and that he can show some of his work.

Which Industries Employ Flooring Installers?

Flooring Installers lay vinyl, wood, linoleum, and concrete flooring in business buildings and private residences. Flooring Installers can find employment in various industries, including construction, facilities management etc. Flooring Installers can also be self-employed, securing flooring repair, maintenance, and installation projects as independent contractors. The best way to be independent is to register on the BauBau Platform, and to find a job that suits you the best.

Duties and Responsibilities

How much does a Floor Installer earn in Austria?

The salary for this job is from 1875eur to 4821eur.

When You Know This, What Could You Learn More?

If you know more, you can earn more

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