How to Get a Job if You are Metal Worker, Blacksmith or Ironworker

The following work activities are carried out by locksmiths depending on the type of finished product: Plan, cut with a hand or a machine, file, bend with a hand or a machine, grind, thread with a hand or a machine, sharpen various tools, and paint with the base color are all steps in the process.

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How to get a job if you are Metal worker, Blacksmith or Ironworker

Ironworker make parts of metal structures, process sheet metal, metal profiles and pipes, and perform various assembly works on construction objects. The final products of locksmith work are:

What does a locksmith do?

Depending on the type of final product, locksmiths perform the following work operations:


What tools and machines does a locksmith use in his job?

In their work, they use a variety of tools and machines - hammers of various weights, a hacksaw, files, a tape measure, a sliding scale, a micrometer, a protractor, a hand electric drill, a column electric sander, a machine for cutting steel profiles, a machine for bending sheet metal and electric welding machines. and spot welding.

In what conditions does a blacksmith work?

The work is done partly in a closed room, under natural or artificial lighting, and partly outdoors. The work is done standing, with very frequent lifting of heavy loads. There is metal dust, flash, odors and smoke from welding, machine noise, dirt from the materials used, and occasional vibrations, especially during machine cutting of steel sheets and profiles. When working outdoors, locksmiths are exposed to heat, cold and humidity – depending on the weather.

Safety on work

If the prescribed safety measures at work are not observed, mechanical injuries to the hands and eyes and burns are possible. 

What you need to know before you become a blacksmith


What schooling is required to become a blacksmith?

After completing elementary school, locksmiths should complete a three-year industrial or vocational high school. Secondary school education includes the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. After a three-year school, a locksmith can continue his education as a mechanical technician.

How to get a job if you are a blacksmith?

After passing the final exam, a locksmith can be employed in the metal industry, construction, other industries, and in craft workshops. He can also open his own business.

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