Steel and Metal Fences our Best Product

Steel and Metal Fences our Best Product


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About the Project

What do we produce?

We produce high-quality steel slat fences that are ideal for any property, especially those owned by the customer. Since we produce every one of our products in-house, we have total control over the production process and the freedom to modify our fences to match the specific requirements of our clients.

Our most wanted product – steel and metal fences

We have stock of typical sizes, such as 1370 mm wide by 1300 mm high, and our slats are 1.5 mm thick. For added strength and durability, our goods use 60mm x 60mm x 2mm molded tubes, which are made of pure steel.

We carefully galvanize our fences and then wet paint them to prevent corrosion in order to guarantee that they can survive the environment and last for many years.

A wide variety of color choices are also available from stock, including RAL 7016 - anthracite. We can also produce custom dimensions and offer assembly services for a special price.

How the fence is made

To provide the best quality, our steel slat fences are produced with cutting-edge technology and techniques. We cut and shape the steel slats to the desired size and thickness. These slats are then attached to 60mm x 60mmx 2mm molded tubes, which offer strength and support.

After that, the fence is professionally galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. Then it goes through a wet painting process to achieve the desired color.

After the end of the production process, our crew of experienced installers will consult with you to choose the ideal place for your fence and ensure that it is set up properly. We take great care to make sure your fence is secure and the supports are firmly planted in the ground.

Also, we handle all required documentation and permits and make sure that our installation complies with all necessary local building codes.

In summary, our process includes:

•          Cutting and shaping the steel slats

•          Connecting the slats to the tubes

•          Galvanizing

•          Wet painting

•          Installation

•          Necessary permits and paperwork


The price of the steel slat fence

The price for our steel slat fences is €300 per meter for the finished product. If you are interested in purchasing a steel slat fence for your property or have any questions about our production or installation process, please don't hesitate to contact us.


In the following you can see the pictures of our steel fence that we installed in the yard of the customer.

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