A Home Renovation Success Story: Installing Plasterboard Walls for a Modern Look

A Home Renovation Success Story: Installing Plasterboard Walls for a Modern Look


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About the Project

In the beautiful town of Baden, a newly constructed house was in need of some expert plastering work. The house had been divided into two separate living areas, and the client wanted to create additional privacy by installing gypsum partition walls. Additionally, the ceiling needed to be lowered to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Installing Plasterboard Walls

The task at hand was not an easy one, and the client needed a team of professionals who could get the job done efficiently and with precision. That's where we, a team of skilled plasterers, came in.

We began by carefully measuring the space and creating a plan that would ensure the best possible outcome. Next, we started to install the gypsum partition walls. This involved cutting the gypsum boards to the right size and shape, and then attaching them. The process required a great deal of precision and patience, but we were able to complete it successfully.

After the partition walls were in place, we began working on the ceiling. We had to install new framing, and then attach new gypsum boards. We also had to carefully consider the lighting fixtures and ventilation ducts.

Installing the insulation

To ensure that the new living spaces in the house were comfortable and energy-efficient, we also installed insulation between the gypsum partition walls and the ceiling. This was done to minimize heat loss and to create a sound barrier between the two living areas.

Once the insulation was in place, we then installed a layer of plasterboard on each side of the partition walls, sandwiching the insulation in between. This created a solid and effective barrier against heat loss and sound transmission.

Despite the challenges that we faced, we were able to complete the plastering work within the given time-frame and to the client's satisfaction. The newly created spaces now had an elegant and modern feel, and the client was delighted with the results. The partition walls provided the privacy that was needed.

In conclusion, the plastering work we did in Baden was a success story. Our team of professionals was able to overcome the challenges that we faced, and the end result was a beautiful and functional living space. We take pride in our work, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to this project.

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