How We Renovated an Apartment in Vienna with the Help of the BauBau Platform

How We Renovated an Apartment in Vienna with the Help of the BauBau Platform


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About the Project

If you want to renovate your flat you should consider the budget first. It's different if you want to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms, for example, or reconstruct the entire apartment. Once you've decided what you want to do, you can begin finding a team of people to help you in getting there. The BauBau App can help you find the right people for the job.

When creating a team of workers, it is important to select workers with experience and a good reputation. Some examples include builders, plumbers, electricians, and painters. You may also need to hire a project manager to oversee the renovation and keep everything on schedule.

How to Install the New Heating Pipes

Installing new heating pipes and replacing water pipes in an apartment can be a complicated job. It is important to choose a qualified plumber or plumbing contractor who is familiar with this type of work and can ensure that the task is completed appropriately. One can be found on the BauBau App.

When installing new heating pipes, the plumber must first determine the path of the old pipes and check the general condition of the system. They will next decide where the new pipes should go. Once the new pipes are installed, they must be connected to the heating system.

How to Replace Water Pipes

Changing the water pipes in an apartment requires a similar procedure. The plumber will evaluate the current pipe layout and determine the best location for the new ones. They will next remove the old pipes and replace them, making sure they are correctly linked to the water system and sealed to prevent leakage. If you need a plumber, the BauBau App can help you discover one.

How to manage the electricity in the apartment?

Managing the power in an apartment during renovation may require the services of an electrician. They will evaluate the current electrical system, identify any problems, and recommend the best upgrading strategy. You may also find electricians using the BauBau App.

Installing laminate on the floor

Steps for installing laminate flooring:

  • Clean and level the subfloor
  • Measure the room to determine the amount of material needed
  • Cut and lay underlayment
  • Assemble the planks according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Click the planks into place, starting from the longest wall
  • Trim and finish the edges with moulding

Installing tiles in the bathroom and kitchen

Tile flooring installation steps:

  • Completely clean and level the subfloor
  • Measure the space to calculate how much tile and glue is requires
  • Arrange the tiles to get a sense of the pattern and make any necessary cuts
  • Apply the glue to a small area before laying tiles
  • Use the glue to fill any gaps between tiles
  • Seal the tile to keep moisture out

Both laminate and tile installation requires proper tools, including a saw, level, trowel, and spacers. You can find the professional team on BauBau App.

Painting the walls as part of the apartment renovation

Finally, painting the walls is a quick and easy way to give the apartment a new look. It is better to hire a professional painter who will make certain that the walls are properly prepared and painted to a good standard. They may also advise you on the best type of paint to use, and assist you in selecting a color scheme that complements the general style of the flat.

Need a worker?

Overall, the renovation process might be complicated, but with the right team of professionals from BauBau App, the work can be done efficiently, effectively, and to a high standard. Book a service.

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