How We Demolished an Apartment with the Help of BauBau Workers

How We Demolished an Apartment with the Help of BauBau Workers


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What does the process of demolishing of an apartment mean?

The process of demolishing all or part of an existing apartment before rebuilding or remodeling is known as apartment demolition before renovation. The demolition process can range from partial demolition (removing only some elements of the apartment) to complete demolition (removing the entire flat).

The contractor will use specialized equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and jackhammers to break up and remove the flat during the demolition. The trash will be dragged away to a garbage or recycling center.

After the completion of the demolition, the area will be cleared and prepared for the renovation process. This could include grading the ground, laying a new foundation, or performing any necessary repairs to the existing structure. The renovation process can then start, with the new apartment taking shape and being built to the standards specified.

How do I choose verified workers for apartment demolition?

It's important to remember that demolition can be a risky job, so always choose a competent demolition contractor. They will have the skills and experience required to remove the waste in a safe and effective manner, minimizing the danger of accidents or injuries.

In Vienna, we got the opportunity to demolish an apartment. The apartment needed to be completely renovated. The entire demolition was completed by workers we hired using the BauBau App.

The work went smoothly, the craftsmen were well organized.

It was known exactly who was doing what and when which room would be demolished first. The work was organized so that the demolition does not affect other preparatory works. The waste was taken to a landfill for construction waste.

How long does it take to demolish an apartment?

The demolition of this particular apartment lasted a week. 3 workers were engaged in the demolition. The owners of the apartment were satisfied with the service and so was the entire neighbourhood, because the workers cleaned up properly after themselves and did not leave any dirt behind them or in the building, after the demolition and removal of waste.

You can see the demolition process in the pictures.

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