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What does a Tile Setter do?

A tile setter is a craftsman who will perform precise, efficient and professional gluing of tiles in your home or commercial object. Ceramic works are most often carried out in the kitchen, bathroom, staircase, pool or on the balcony. In the following lines, we will explain what is the job of a tile setter, recommendations on how to find quality tile setters and links to services that BauBau offers as well as immediately available professional tile setters. 

For the tile installation to be successful, proper preparation is essential. Preparation consists of two crucial steps.

  1. Substrate preparation

Preparation of the substrate, in addition to checking its cleanliness and stability, involves leveling it - filling cracks if there are any. After that, impregnation with a primer is performed, after which the tiles will require less glue for quality adhesion.

  1. Waterproofing

The process of waterproofing involves covering the surface with a waterproofing coating as a form of protection against water penetration through the walls. 

When installing tiles, aesthetic appearance is also very important. Although it may not seem like it, for a good aesthetic appearance of your bathroom or some other room, it is necessary for the tile setter to be a real professional.

Today there are a large number of patterns and shapes of tiles. Our tile setters have experience in laying tiles of different sizes and shapes. After that comes the final step - drying and filling the space between the tiles- grouting.

Three Top Skills for Tile Setters

  1. Attention to Detail

A good tile setter will take the time to carefully plan the layout of the tiles or ensure they are balanced and level. This gives you a space that looks uniformly neat. Professional tile setters will properly prepare the surface before installing the tiles so that the tiles lay properly and there is no cracking later.

  1. Problem solving

Experienced tile setters should be ready to offer creative solutions or ideas for tile installation, which makes the space practical and aesthetic. Each space is different and the tile setter ability to advise the client on the best solution is an important part of the work process.

  1. Experience at work

An experienced tile setter should be familiar with the latest work techniques, installation and maintenance techniques.

Three Tips on How to Find a Good Tile Setter

When we say ceramic tile, the first thing that comes to mind is the bathroom. Whether we want to do a new one or renovate an old one, we all come across a very similar problem - finding a good tile setter.

  1. Find someone with experience

When hiring a tile setter for work, it is recommended to hire a craftsman with experience for the type of work you need (floor, wall, shower, etc). By hiring an experienced tile setter, you will save time and the project will certainly be long lasting and done with quality.

  1. Ask following questions to tile setter

In the process of deciding which tile setter to hire, these are the most important questions that the client should ask the tile setter:

• How long will the installation of the tile take?

• How many tiles are needed for the job?

• How many people will work?

Has the tile setter ever worked on projects like this (large format tiles, wood look, mosaic, etc.)?

  1. Ask to see pictures of completed tiles

Tile setters typically showcase images of completed projects, and clients should request to view them to make a decision.

Professional Tile Setter within a few clicks?

At BauBau, we understand the complexity of deciding how to find the quality tile setter for a project. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a craftsman who will paint an apartment, especially a smaller one, but it is also very difficult to find a plumber, an electrician, or a tile setter... No one wants to do a small job anymore. There is nothing worse than waiting months for a craftsman to finally show up at the door and then carelessly carry out the repair, demanding compensation for the work done. Whether it's a small bathroom or a large commercial project, we have a tile setter for your needs. The application offers a user-friendly interface where clients can easily view profiles and read reviews of tile setter jobs. With digital job management and communication tools, BauBau ensures efficient coordination between clients and tile setters, eliminating delays. From the initial inquiry to the completion of the project, digitization simplifies every step, providing users with a fast and quality experience of finding the right tile setter for their needs.

Looking for a Quality Tile Setter?

When you're looking for a quality tile setter, BauBau is the name you can trust. We have a database of licensed tile setters with many years of experience and great reviews behind them. Working with our tile setters is transparent and the client is completely protected and sure that the work he ordered will be done beyond all expectations. If you require tile installation on floors, walls, or ceilings, we have professional tile setters ready to meet your needs. Get a quote.

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BauBau is the right place, because with a few clicks and in a few hours you can organize a quality tile setter at a time that suits you. Our tile setters do not make a difference whether it is a small surface on which the tiles need to be glued or whether it is a large commercial building. They approach every job equally professionally and quickly. Contact us today and order a tile setter that fits the needs of your project.

*If you wanna become a tile setter  this is what you need to know.

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In addition to tile installation, we also offer tile repair and replacement services. If you have damaged or cracked tiles, our experts can assess the situation and provide efficient solutions to restore the beauty and functionality of your tiled surfaces.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that you are completely happy with our services. From the initial consultation to the final clean-up, we will work closely with you, listening to your ideas and offering professional advice to bring your vision to life. Don't settle for subpar tile setters in Wien when you can have the best.

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