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What do Facade Workers do?

Facade workers are responsible for the construction of external facades on various types of buildings, including residential, public, industrial and agricultural. Also, they deal with decorating interior wall surfaces in public and industrial buildings. Their work includes the creation of new facades, but also the repair and restoration of damaged facades, whether damaged by moisture, mechanical impacts or other factors, on various types of buildings, including cultural monuments and historical buildings.

Facades have an important function of protecting buildings from various weather conditions and aging processes. In addition, they have an aesthetic role and serve as thermal insulation. There are different types of facades and wall techniques.

4 Key Things You Need to Know Before Starting Facade Construction

Insulation: You should find out what kind of insulation is appropriate for the building you renovate. Selecting a material that will best retain heat in the winter and cold in the summer is important since different materials have varying properties and performances when it comes to thermal insulation.

Prices of Various Facades: To gain a realistic idea of the project's expenses, it is a good idea to investigate the costs per square meter of various facade types. The type of material utilized, the intricacy of the task, and the facility's location can all affect the price.

Finish for Facade: Select the material that best fits your demands and the design of the object by taking into account its functional and aesthetic qualities.

Weather Conditions: Keep in mind the weather when you decide to do the facade. The work quality and longevity might be impacted by air temperature, sunlight, and heat and it's important  to select the ideal weather.

Seven Types of Facades

The facade is evaluated based on several key factors, including the type of insulation, the quality of the materials and the method of installation. The choice of facade usually depends on available financial resources, type of building and aesthetic preferences. One of the primary objectives of the facade is to provide optimal thermal insulation. Considering the high heating costs, global warming and the need for environmental protection, strict regulations are being set for the thermal insulation system in residential and commercial buildings.

  1. Ventilated facades are often used in business buildings and hotels due to their excellent thermal characteristics, quality finish and durability of the facade construction. Each of the elements of the ventilated facade, such as thermal insulation, supporting structure, ventilation layer and external facade cladding, has its own role in the preservation and functionality of the facade system.
  1. Contact-Demit facade - the installation of the Demit facade is very simple, i.e. the styrofoam boards are glued to the base with a suitable agent. The glue is applied to the edges of the plates and in this way the effect of an isolated air chamber is achieved. After the panels are placed on the facade, they are additionally fixed with plastic dowels. Also, the advantage of the demit facade is that possible unevenness, if any, can be corrected by installing Styrofoam boards, so that the surface of the wall is flat. 
  1. Wooden facades, as a ventilated type of facades, are made of different types of wood such as teak and larch. Their advantage lies in the warmth and aesthetics provided by wood, while they can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  2. Glass facades consist of self-supporting elements made of aluminum profiles and glass, where the main goal of sealing is to drain water that passes from the outside of the structure. They can be classified into three groups: classic, semi-structural and structural facades.
  3. Stone facades-different types of broken and cut stone with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm are used in the construction of the stone facade, whose strength, durability and resistance to atmospheric influences are its key characteristics. Installation can be done by dry or wet process, whereby the wet process is applied when the facade is not ventilated, while the dry process requires a strong substructure on which precisely cut stone elements are hung.
  4. Metal facades-materials such as aluminum and steel are most often used for metal facades, while others such as copper, zinc and lead can also be used. It is important to take into account surface treatment, corrosion protection and changes caused by temperature variations when choosing this type of facade.
  5. Concrete facades-since weather conditions are the biggest challenge, concrete facades are gradually losing popularity, but the addition of additives to concrete helps in cleaning and maintaining quality, which can attract fans of this type of facade.

Professional Facade Installation Service on BauBau

At BauBau, we understand the complexity of deciding how to find the quality facade worker for a project. It is a very sensitive construction work and the technique of installing facades must be fully respected. The performance itself is a very important element. The application offers a user-friendly interface where clients can easily view profiles and read reviews of facade workers. With digital job management and communication tools, BauBau ensures efficient coordination between clients and facade workers, eliminating delays. From the initial inquiry to the completion of the project, digitization simplifies every step, providing users with a fast and quality experience of finding a right facade worker for their needs.

Looking for a Quality Facade Worker?

When you're looking for a quality facade worker, BauBau is the right place. Experience of the worker who is installing the facade itself is very important and you must not entrust the work to unskilled workers.  The facade cannot be installed under unfavorable weather conditions, especially not in conditions of rain and extreme cold. The surface must be clean, without dust.

We have a database of licensed facade workers with many years of experience and great reviews behind them. Our facade workers offer professional services from cleaning and restoration of old facades to building new facades on new buildings. Working with our facade workers is transparent and the client is completely protected and sure that the work he ordered will be done professionally. Get a quote.

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BauBau is the right place, because with a few clicks you can organize a quality facade worker at a time that suits you. Our facade workers make no difference whether it is a small area that needs to be repaired, damage to the facade or a completely new facade on a new building. They approach every job equally professionally and quickly. Contact us today and order a facade worker that fits the needs of your project.

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