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Quality transport services by BauBau ensure safe moving for furniture, equipment, and employee transportation.




Transport Service

Service for Transport

The transport service includes a wide range of services designed to transport people, goods and other objects from one place to another. Service includes moving furniture, electronics, machinery, equipment and much more. The needs for moving and transporting personal belongings and goods are every day.

As the cities grow and the centers of events move to the outskirts, there are more and more new building complexes into which a large number of people move.

As the need to move arises, either to buy a first apartment, to study or to be close to a new job, an increasing number of people hire professional help. 

Three Types of Service BauBau offers

The transport services we offer are: transport of goods and furniture, transport of equipment and materials and transport of employees.

  1. Transport of furniture and goods

One of the key services we provide is the transportation of furniture and goods during moving. In addition to standard transportation, we also offer the option of hiring workers to pack things before the move. Our experienced team can efficiently and carefully pack all your belongings so that they are ready for transport. The safety of your valuables is our priority, thus we ensure that everything arrives at its destination in the same condition as before transport.

  1. Transport of Equipment

Services carry out the transport of special loads, as well as oversized loads with appropriate equipment to the desired destination. Our professional team is trained in disassembly, assembly, repair, packing and handling of special tools for fast and efficient transport of equipment and machines. We transport equipment  from point A to point B with the possibility of entering production halls / warehouses.

  1. Transportation of employees to work

Our service also provides transportation services for employees to their workplaces. Regardless of the size of your company or location, we can arrange transportation for employees to make their journey to work easier.

How to Find a Quality Transport Service

Moving brings with it a certain amount of stress. When choosing a transport service, it is important to consider several key factors. Pay attention to the reputation and experience of the company, as well as the services and prices available. Also, it is important to check the safety, reliability and efficiency of the transport provided by the service. BauBau stands out for its professionalism, commitment to clients and the quality of service we provide. The basic points and questions to be addressed when choosing a moving vehicle are: Total amount of belongings and furniture observed in cubic meters, Total weight of belongings and furniture measured in kilograms, Type of belongings and furniture, Provided suitable parking space, Distance between locations. These are all factors that should be taken into account when considering moving, and you can contact us to come and evaluate all these factors to make sure that the transport will be efficient.

Professional Transport Service within a few clicks?

Our professional transport service will be there from start to finish. With a few clicks and opening an account on our application, you have access to available companies that deal with transportation, and you can get a free quote and write us the type and quantity of things to move. The application offers a user-friendly interface where clients can easily view profiles and read reviews and ensures efficient coordination providing users with a fast and quality experience of finding a transporter service for their need. We also move furniture, musical instruments, coffee shops, restaurants, companies, business premises etc. Our experienced agents will send you an offer or come to the location to evaluate the vehicle, driver and auxiliary workers if you need them. 

Looking for a Quality Transport Service?

We use only the best equipment and vehicles that are fully equipped to protect the goods. Our drivers are licensed and have years of experience in driving and handling cargo, and our workers are trained to handle your belongings. BauBau's transportation and moving service includes everything: from packing and loading, to transporting and unloading your cargo. Regardless of the size of your moving, we're here to help you move stress-free.

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Looking for reliable transportation service? Look no further! With years of experience in the transportation and moving industry, BauBau offers services for your needs. Regardless of whether it is moving an apartment, an office or transporting goods, service guarantees safe and fast transport. Contact us today and order a transport service that fits the needs of your moving.

*If you wanna become a transporter this is what you need to know.

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