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BauBau Dashboard for dispatchers

Unleash Your Route Control with Our Dynamic Dashboard!

See the magic unfold: Witness ongoing or recent routes straight from the customer app/Website right on your dashboard!

Personalize your experience: Toggle between Light and Dark themes with a click on the nav bar!

Team power at your fingertips: Explore and manage different teams, and discover your online and offline drivers!

Seamless task organization: Unassigned tasks neatly displayed on the left side for effortless management!

Get ready to navigate: Create tailor-made routes for your drivers with the add route button!

Your language, your way: Change the platform language with ease!

Zoom in on Ssuccess: Switch to satellite view for a closer look and smoother navigation!

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BauBau Dashboard for dispatchers


Easily track ongoing or recent routes from the customers, toggle between Light and Dark themes, manage teams of online and offline drivers effortlessly and much more.
You have access to business analytics trough BauBau App

Platform Analytics

Now, you can access business analytics trough BauBau Platform. That can help you improve your work.
Add or remove and manage Customers on BauBau app

Managing Customers on the BauBau Platform

How to easily manage customers on the BauBau Platform.
Log in as a Company on BauBau App and organize your work on dispecher panel

Dispatcher Panel for Companies

Better organization of work with the dispecher panel.
Manage your finances when you buy on sold things on BauBau Platform

BauBau Wallet: A Way to Manage Your Finances on the Platform

Use the wallet on the Platform to pay or to get paid.

For companies

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