2 NEW Mobile Apps for BauBau Services - What is the Difference Between Them?

Ana Jovanović

March 24, 2023

Team of workers on the construction site for BauBau

This is an excellent question. We developed two applications for BauBau, because it is necessary to separate workers from clients. Each of them must be logged in to the application that meets their needs.

App for workers:

Workers will see who is hiring them and for which job, communicate with Bau Bau administrators and have an overview of their jobs and accounts.

App for clients:

Clients will have an overview of the complete offer on the BauBau App, and will be able to choose a worker for a specific job or order goods through the application. Clients will also be able to communicate with hired workers through the application itself.

How to use the BauBau application to find workers - app for clients

The Bau Bau application is something completely new when it comes to construction work. This is the way to finally digitize that type of work, to speed up the work and to make the organization of the work itself easier.

The first thing this app saves is time. And another important thing is the simplified organization of work.

Using the BauBau application is very simple, first of all you need to install the application on your mobile device and create your account.

After that, you can proceed to the selection of workers for the desired job. You can see the worker's profile and select him for the desired job based on his abilities.

All jobs are divided into categories and everything is done very clearly on the application.

It's up to you to click on, for example, a roofer, and you will be shown current job ads for that type of work.

You can see the price of the service on the application as well as the availability of workers. You send an inquiry for a certain period and you can expect a reply in a short period of time.

Also, after using the service, you can leave your comment or recommendation for the following users.

What if the client is a company? 

As a company, when you hire a worker through the BauBau app, you should know that you are actually hiring a worker externally as needed through the BauBau company. There is no need to take care of the employee registration or any additional legal administration.

You can also follow the entire workflow through the application, you receive reports in the form of photos, there is no need to meet the workers or to talk to each other over the phone. Everything is done through the app. You inform the worker about the location, he can find the location via Google map. Set a deadline for the job and after the job is done you will receive an invoice from BauBau app. When you pay, the money goes to the account of the worker who worked on that job.

How to use the application if you are an employee or company?

-app for workers

In order to register as an employee on the BauBau App, you need to register on the baubau.com website. Once you have registered, we have you in the database. 

After the conversation with you, when you are assigned the company and the job you do, you first install the application from Google Play or App Store on your smart device and create an account.

After that, log into the application with the data you provided when you first registered on the site. And then you have your profile on our site. 

If someone hires you, you will receive a notification message in your inbox.

If you decide to accept the job, you will receive location and time instructions in no time via google maps.

You can also contact support if you have any additional questions. 

You will always have access to all your completed tasks and earned money.

What if companies wish to apply for the job?

Also this stands for the companies that wish to offer their services and products to customers through BauBau.

There is just one step difference, if you are a company, you create a profile on app.baubau.app and work with your page on that platform. Also you can have a mobile app, but it’s easier for companies to work on a desktop computer. 

When you register on app.baubau.app there you can input all your services, workers, products, and prices as you wish. 

You can communicate with workers and with customers. 

We hope that we have explained the difference between an application for users and an application for employees and companies. 

Both applications are available for Android and iOS, you can find them on Google Play and AppStore . At the moment you will find a Beta version, but soon it will be a complete version available.

Contact us for more information.

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