What is the Salary for a Facade Worker in Austria

Facade worker salaries in Austria vary: average €3,240/yr. BauBau app simplifies job search, offering tailored openings based on experience.



Looking for a job as a facade worker in Austria? In the following text you will find out the most important information related to the salary according to location and experience.

The construction industry in Austria is highly developed,  jobs in this industry are extremely sought after and appreciated. One of the most demanded staff is the job of a facade worker, partly because of the construction of new residential areas and partly because of the numerous reconstructions of old buildings.

What is the Job of Facade Worker

A facade worker is a trained individual in the construction business who specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of building facades. They are also referred to as facade engineers or technicians. The key aspects of the job of a facade worker:

  • Design and planning;
  • Material selection, installation, specialized techniques;
  • Maintenance and repair.

What is the Salary of Facade Engineer in Austria

A Facade Engineer in Austria can earn around 3,240 EUR. Salaries range from 1,720 EUR (lowest) to 4,930 EUR (highest).

Salary Category Average Amount (EUR)
Average Monthly Salary € 3,240
Lowest Monthly Salary € 1,720
Highest Monthly Salary € 4,930

What is the Salary of Facade Engineer in Wien

A Facade Engineer working in Wien will typically earn around 47,760 EUR per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 24,280 EUR to the highest average salary of 72,420 EUR.

Salary Category Average Amount (EUR)
Average Annual Salary € 47,760
Lowest Average Salary € 24,280
Highest Average Salary € 72,420

The average facade engineer salary based on years of experience :

Experience Range Average Salary (EUR)
0 - 2 Years Experience € 28,660
2 - 5 Years Experience € 38,260
5 - 10 Years Experience € 48,940
10 - 15 Years Experience € 58,520
15 - 20 Years Experience € 64,300
20+ Years Experience € 68,360

Salaries of facade engineers with different cities in Austria:

City Average Salary
Dornbirn 34,120 EUR
Graz 45,620 EUR
Innsbruck 40,420 EUR
Klagenfurt 37,800 EUR
Linz 38,780 EUR
Salzburg 39,560 EUR
St. Polten 37,740 EUR
Villach 37,380 EUR
Wels 38,260 EUR
Wiener Neustadt 35,300 EUR


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