How Much Does a Plumber Earn in Austria

Plumber salaries in Austria range from €610 to €2,060. BauBau app simplifies job search for plumbers, matching qualifications to available positions.


How much does a plumber earn in Austria?

Are you a plumber looking for a job in Austria?  In the following lines you will find information about the salary of a plumber in Austria

In Austria, plumbers are typically in demand, particularly in the building and maintenance industries. Due to the country's thriving construction sector, which includes continuing residential constructions, infrastructure projects, and restorations, there is a need for qualified workers, especially plumbers. 

What is the Plumber Job?

Installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities are the job of a qualified worker known as a plumber. A plumber's main areas of work include drainage and water distribution systems. Here are some essential elements of becoming a plumber:

  • Installation of plumbing systems;
  • Pipe repair and maintenance;
  • Fixture installation;
  • Drain cleaning;
  • Water quality and conservation;
  • Emergency repairs.

The work of a plumber is essential to maintaining public health, safety, and comfort. Plumbers play a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning of water and drainage systems in buildings, contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

What is the Salary of Plumber in Austria

A person working as Plumber in Austria typically earns around 1,300 EUR. Salaries range from 610 EUR (lowest) to 2,060 EUR (highest). Salaries for the position of plumber in Austria range from 610 EUR (starting salary) to 2,060 EUR (maximum salary).

Salary Category Average Amount (EUR)
Average Gross Salary (per year) € 44,238
Average Hourly Rate € 21.00
Average Bonus € 1,340
Entry Level (1-3 years exp.) € 32,564
Senior Level (8+ years exp.) € 53,929
Estimated Salary in 2028 € 53,719
5 Year Change 21%

Experience Range Average Monthly Salary (EUR)
0 - 2 Years Experience € 710
2 - 5 Years Experience € 970
5 - 10 Years Experience € 1,390
10 - 15 Years Experience € 1,690
15 - 20 Years Experience € 1,780
20+ Years Experience € 1,940

What is the Plumber Salary in Wien

Salary Category Average Amount (EUR)
Average Annual Salary € 56,290
Average Hourly Rate € 27.00
Average Bonus € 1,891


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