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The driver's job includes all types of transport from place A to place B. The priority here is the transport of materials, goods and workers.‍

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Posted on:
March 10, 2023

Driver- duties and obligations

We are looking for candidates with good time management skills for the driver position.

Drivers are obliged to deliver materials or goods to clients in a timely manner. Or to transport workers to their workplaces, mostly construction sites. Sometimes they need to work nights and weekends. They need to ensure that the vehicles are always ready for use.

Drivers would sometimes have to lift heavy objects and load them into their vehicles, which requires good form.

Responsibilities of the Driver:

  • Transporting employees to and from work
  • On-time delivery of packages to customers.
  • Using navigation apps to find the most direct route.
  • Interacting with customers in a professional manner.
  • Working late at night and on weekends is not unusual.
  • Assuring that vehicles have enough gas and are always ready to go.
  • When necessary, arrange for vehicle repairs.
  • Driving various vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks.

Driver Qualifications:

  • A valid driver's license is a requirement for driving.
  • Proficiency with GPS technology.
  • Driving experience of one year.
  • Great expertise in the operating conditions.
  • Possessing the physical strength.
  • Good time-management and organizing skills.
  • Fine interpersonal ability.
  • Good speaking skills.

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Benefits of becoming a driver trough BauBau platform:

  • Access to multiple job opportunities: One platform connects you to numerous construction and renovation projects, catering to different skill sets and experience levels.
  • Flexibility: Choose projects that align with your schedule. Whether you're looking for short-term gigs or long-term commitments, BauBau has you covered.
  • Competitive compensation: BauBau understands the value of skilled labor. Workers are offered competitive rates, ensuring you get paid fairly for your expertise.
  • Skill development: Access to diverse projects means a chance to hone existing skills and acquire new ones, enhancing your professional growth.
  • Safety first: With BauBau's emphasis on safety standards, be assured that you'll be working on sites that prioritize worker well-being.
  • Direct and tansparent communication: The platform facilitates direct communication between workers and employers, ensuring clarity in job requirements and expectations.
  • Reliable payments: No more chasing after clients for payments. BauBau ensures timely and reliable compensation for your hard work.
  • Reputation building: Receive reviews and ratings for your work, which can boost your profile, helping you secure more projects in the future.
  • Networking: Connect with industry professionals, contractors, and other skilled workers, fostering relationships that can lead to more opportunities.
  • Reduced job search stress: No more endless searching and applying. With BauBau, relevant job opportunities come to you, simplifying the job-hunting process.

Joining BauBau is more than just finding a job; it's about building a rewarding career in the construction and renovation industry.

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