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Find a Construction Job in Wien

If you are thinking about finding a job in the construction sector in Wien you are in the right place. In the following text we will explain in detail and confirm that the capital of Austria is promising for any of the jobs you decide on.

Wien for Workers

The capital of Austria, with about  2 million inhabitants, is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the European Union. For several years now, Wien has taken the first place in terms of quality of life in Europe. Therefore, Wien is an excellent place for construction workers. Workers have five weeks of vacation per year and a quality health and social system.

Construction Sector in Wien

Wien offers many opportunities in the construction sector. City has one of the most dynamic construction industries in Europe, which opens up opportunities for workers to work on innovative projects and develop professionally.

Although the preservation of historical architecture is particularly important for Wien, new projects are constantly being developed, urban districts are growing, while the culture of renovation and ongoing maintenance of apartments is at a high level.

Wien also leads in the field of implementation of sustainable technology in construction projects.

Benefits for Construction Workers in Wien

The advantages of working in construction in Wien are numerous: living in a cultural environment that combines modern construction with the preservation of rich historical architecture; access to a dynamic construction sector that supports innovative projects and sustainable practices; and high salaries that reflect expertise and contribution to projects. The city also provides training tools and professional development career opportunities to help construction workers advance their careers.

Construction Worker Salary in Wien

The average hourly wage (pay per hour) in Construction / Building / Installation in Wien is 16 EUR. 

This is the rate they get paid for every worked hour.

A person working in Construction / Building / Installation in Vienna typically earns around 2,810 EUR. Salaries range from 1,150 EUR (lowest average) to 7,750 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Income Percentage Earnings (EUR)
5% 3,640 or more
10% 3,000 to 3,640
20% 1,610 or less
65% 1,610 to 3,000
Minimum Salary 1,150
Median 2,460
Maximum 7,750

The most important element when determining salary is experience level. Naturally, salary increases with the number of years of experience. In general, workers in Vienna who have two to five years of experience in construction, building, or installation make 32% more money on average than newly hired and junior staff. Professionals with over five years of experience typically make 36% more money than those with only five years of experience. The pay rises by 21% after ten years and by an extra 14% for those who have worked for fifteen years. Once a person reaches the 10-year* experience level, their income typically doubles from what it was initially.

These numbers are simply meant to serve as recommendations

Experience Level Average Salary Increase
2-5 years 32%
More than 5 years 36%
10 years 21%
15 years and beyond 14%

*These percentages represent the average salary increase for professionals in the Construction/Building/Installation sector based on their years of experience in Vienna. Please note that these figures serve as general guidelines, and individual job titles may show variations in salary trends.

How to Find Construction Job in Wien

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