Order Tracking - Utilizing BauBau's streamlined system for efficient monitoring and management of orders, ensuring seamless tracking within the construction workflow
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Order Tracking



SEND LOCATION TRACKING LINK TO CUSTOMERS Less mistakes Control of work Better organization Streamline Dispatch Operations with Ease Imagine a scenario where your company specializes in moving services, and you have a team of ten drivers, each assigned to multiple locations. With our Order Tracking solution, the Dispatcher can effortlessly monitor every job in real time. This functionality empowers your business to optimize logistics and effectively manage multiple assignments simultaneously. Real-Time Insights for Enhanced Efficiency Our Dispatch function provides your team with comprehensive real-time insights. With just a few clicks, you can track the progress of each driver, monitor delivery routes, and assess job completion status. This level of visibility allows you to make informed decisions promptly, ensuring smooth operations and timely project execution. Empower Your Dispatchers with the Ultimate Control Center Utilizing our Dispatch feature, your Dispatchers gain access to a robust control center, empowering them to efficiently oversee all ongoing activities. They can assign tasks, re-route drivers based on real-time traffic updates, and maintain constant communication with the workforce. This centralized approach ensures optimal resource allocation and minimizes potential delays. Stay Ahead of the Curve with Cutting-Edge Technology Our Dispatch feature utilizes state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize your business operations. By harnessing the power of Order Tracking, you equip your enterprise with a competitive edge. Effortlessly manage complex logistics, mitigate disruptions, and deliver exceptional customer service. Don't let your dispatch operations hold you back. Embrace our Dispatch feature and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Enhance efficiency, maximize productivity, and take your business to new heights.

€ 299,00 EUR









€299,00 per month

  • 3 free trials
  • Location tracking link
  • Order Statuses in Real Time
  • Company Profile Listing
  • 1 Dispatcher User Account
  • 10 Workers
  • 100 Products or Services
  • 1000 Orders
  • Demo and onboarding
  • Setup to get you started
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 1,000 tokens


€499,00 per month

  • All in Basic package
  • 2 Dispatcher User Accounts
  • 20 Workers
  • 200 Products or Services
  • 2000 Orders
  • Content Maitenance help
  • Help with importing your data
  • Monthly 1 hour Consultations
  • Fast Lane Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 5,000 tokens
  • Gift: 1 page website on your domain for a year


€999,00 per month

  • All in Standard package
  • 5 Dispatcher User Accounts
  • 50 Workers
  • 500 Products or Services
  • 5000 Orders
  • Dedicated manager to make success
  • We import for you first batch
  • Weekly 1 hour Consultations
  • Premium Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 10,000 tokens
  • Gift: Wordpress website with 10 pages  for a year

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