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Online Payments and Invoicing per month



Unleash the Power of Digital Transactions With our monthly service, you can enjoy: Digital Invoicing: Send and receive invoices digitally. No more paper trails, just smooth and efficient invoicing. Easy Payment Methods: Offer your customers a variety of secure and convenient payment options. Payment Tracking: Monitor your transactions in real time, keeping your financial overview crystal clear. Hassle-Free Administration: Say goodbye to the complexities of handling paperwork and financial bureaucracy. Building Trust with Stripe We're proud to incorporate Stripe, one of the leading digital payment platforms, into our service: Secure Transactions: Stripe's robust security features ensure that your transactions are safe and reliable. Seamless Integration: Connect your BauBau account effortlessly with Stripe to make invoicing and payments a breeze. Global Reach: Accept payments from customers all over the world, expanding your construction business's horizons. Your Financial Solutions, All in One Place Imagine reducing your paperwork and administrative hassles to a minimum. Imagine having a single platform to handle payments, pay off workers, and track your financial movements. The BauBau Invoicing & Payment Platform makes this a reality: Time-Saving Efficiency: Spend less time on administration and more time building success. Transparency & Control: Get detailed insights into your financial operations, all at your fingertips. Join BauBau & Transform Your Financial Management Are you ready to embrace a smarter way to handle your construction business's financial aspects? Join the BauBau Invoicing & Payment Platform and take advantage of our innovative digital solutions. Let us handle the numbers so you can focus on what you do best: Building the future. Contact us today to explore our monthly service options and discover how we can tailor the perfect financial solution for your needs. Together, we'll pave the way for a more streamlined, productive, and successful construction business.

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  • 7 days free trial
  • Stripe Integration
  • Automated inovices
  • Wallet
  • Order Statuses in Real Time
  • Company Profile Listing
  • 10 Workers
  • 100 Products or Services
  • 1000 Orders
  • Demo and onboarding
  • Setup to get you started
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 1,000 tokens



  • All in Basic package
  • Payout for workers
  • 20 Workers
  • 200 Products or Services
  • 2000 Orders
  • Content Maitenance help
  • Help with importing your data
  • Monthly 1 hour Consultations
  • Fast Lane Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 5,000 tokens
  • Gift: 1 page website on your domain for a year



  • All in Standard package
  • 50 Workers
  • 500 Products or Services
  • 5000 Orders
  • Dedicated manager to make success
  • We import for you first batch
  • Weekly 1 hour Consultations
  • Premium Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 10,000 tokens
  • Gift: Wordpress website with 10 pages  for a year

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