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Why Shift from Paper to Digital Inventory Logging? ‍Gone are the days when companies had to depend on manual, paper-based logging, a process prone to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Digital inventory apps enable quicker input, real-time analysis of stock levels, and timely alerts to prevent stockouts and ensure smooth project flow. Embracing such a solution is tantamount to stepping into a world where every action is tracked, every item accounted for, and every decision data-driven. Here’s how our app is revolutionizing inventory management ‍Barcode Scanning: Enabling instant, error-free entry of item details, barcode scanning mitigates the risks of human error and optimizes inventory accuracy. NFC Tag Scanning: Augmenting user convenience, NFC tag scanning allows swift and seamless access to item information, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Custom Formats: Our app supports custom formats, allowing tailored approaches to inventory logging, and adapting to the unique needs of your business. Email Alerts: Stay informed and proactive with our real-time email alerts, notifying you of stock levels and items that require immediate attention or re-order. Quick Edits: Make real-time amendments with quick edits, ensuring that your inventory data is always up-to-date and accurate. Slices: Leverage slices to view specific segments of your inventory, offering insights that drive informed business decisions. Charts: Visualize your inventory data with intuitive charts, making analysis straightforward and insights actionable. Revolutionize Your Inventory Management-Contact Us for a Demo ‍The integration of our cutting-edge inventory management app is more than just a shift from paper to digital—it’s an upgrade to enhanced accuracy, greater efficiency, and informed decision-making. Are you ready to elevate your inventory management processes and drive unparalleled operational success? Discover the endless possibilities and insights that our digital software solution brings to the table. It’s time to step into the future and leave the inefficiencies of manual inventory logging behind. ‍Get in Touch Today! ‍If you’re ready to witness the transformative power of our innovative inventory management app and explore how it can be customized to your specific needs, contact us today for a demo and a meeting. This app can replace paper logging of product inventory, for quicker input, real time analysis of stock levels and alerts when items require a check or re-order. Features include: - Barcode scanning - NFC Tag scanning - Custom Formats - Email Alerts - Quick Edits - Slices - Charts Book a Demo Now! Empower your business with a seamless, integrated inventory management solution. Experience precision, convenience, and innovation, all in one platform!

€ 29,00 EUR









€29,00 per month
  • Webapp
  • 2,500 inventory items
  • Demo and onboarding
  • Setup to get you started
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Basic Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 1,000 tokens


€99,00 per month
  • All in Basic package
  • Mobile App
  • 5,000 inventory items
  • Content Maitenance help
  • Help with importing your data
  • Monthly 1 hour Consultations
  • Fast Lane Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 5,000 tokens
  • Gift: 1 page website on your domain for a year


€499,00 per month
  • All in Standard package
  • 50,000 inventory items
  • We import for you first batch
  • Localization to your language
  • Visual customization
  • Dedicated manager to make success
  • We import for you first batch
  • Weekly 1 hour Consultations
  • Premium Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 10,000 tokens
  • Gift: Wordpress website with 10 pages  for a year

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