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AI Construction Site Diary



An Innovative Digital Solution for Construction Diaries Are you tired of handling countless papers, losing track of records, and spending valuable time manually documenting your construction site activities? We have the answer. Capture Text & Photos on the Go With the BauBau Construction Diary App, your workers can input text and photos instantly, documenting their progress at the construction site right from their mobile devices. No more hassles, no more lost information. Ideal for Supervisors, Investors, and Company Owners This app is the perfect companion for supervisors who need to oversee multiple projects, investors seeking real-time updates, and company owners desiring a transparent and efficient documentation process. Get insights, reports, and visuals - all at your fingertips. Legal Compliance Made Easy Keeping a construction diary is not just best practice; it's a legal requirement. With our digital app, compliance becomes effortless. Record and store your construction activities digitally, meeting all legal obligations without the burden of manual paperwork. From Manual to Digital: A Transformation The BauBau Construction Diary App is more than just an app; it's a complete transformation of how construction diaries are maintained. Save time, reduce errors, enhance transparency, and foster collaboration. Request a Demo Today Interested in seeing how the BauBau Construction Diary App can revolutionize your construction management? Contact us now to request a demo and schedule a meeting. Our dedicated team is eager to show you how our app can be tailored to fit your specific needs. BauBau Construction Diary App - Building a Better Tomorrow The future of construction is digital, and the BauBau Construction Diary App is leading the way. Join the movement towards a more efficient, accountable, and innovative construction industry. Don't get left behind with outdated manual practices. Embrace the digital age with the BauBau Construction Diary App and elevate your construction site management to new heights. Contact us now, and let's build a smarter future together!

€ 99,00 EUR









€99,00 per month

  • 7 days free trial
  • AI Powered Construction Diary
  • 1 User
  • 5 Sites / Projects
  • Demo and onboarding
  • Setup to get you started
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 1,000 tokens


€999,00 per month

  • All in Basic package
  • 10 Sites / Projects
  • 5 Users
  • Export to PDF
  • Fast Lane Email Support
  • Content Maitenence help
  • Help with importing your data
  • Monthly 1 hour Consultations
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 5,000 tokens
  • Gift: 1 page website on your domain for a year


€1999,00 per month

  • All in Standard package
  • 25 Sites / Projects
  • 20 Users
  • Dedicated manager to make success
  • We import for you first batch
  • Weekly 1 hour Consultations
  • Premium Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 10,000 tokens
  • Gift: Wordpress website with 10 pages  for a year

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