Admin Panel - Centralized control hub for managing and overseeing various aspects of operations and data within the BauBau system
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Admin Panel



Discover how our Admin Panel can revolutionize the way You run Your business. ‍Easy managing work Always in a real-time with information Empowers busin' Business Insights Track key performance indicators, monitor sales and revenue trends, and generate insightful reports to make data-driven decisions. Stay informed about your business's health and identify areas for growth and improvement. Offerings Management Add, modify, or remove offerings as needed, update pricing and descriptions, and ensure your clients have access to the latest information. Keep your offerings organized and up-to-date with ease. Demand Monitoring Our Admin Panel provides real-time data on customer inquiries, requests, and preferences, enabling you to adjust your offerings to meet market demand effectively. Anticipate customer needs and optimize your business's performance accordingly. Workforce Engagement BauBau's dispatchers have access to a powerful task management system that allows them to easily assign tasks to workers based on their skills and availability. The system is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for dispatchers to stay on top of all their tasks. With the ability to assign tasks in real-time, dispatchers can ensure that workers are always working on the most urgent tasks, increasing overall productivity. Payment Processing With our Admin Panel, you can effortlessly generate invoices, track payments, and manage financial transactions. Ensure a smooth payment experience for your clients while keeping a close eye on your revenue streams.

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  • 7 days free trial
  • 1 Admin User Account
  • Order Statuses in Real Time
  • Company Profile Listing
  • 10 Workers
  • 100 Products or Services
  • 1000 Orders
  • Demo and onboarding
  • Setup to get you started
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 1,000 tokens



  • All in Basic package
  • 2 Admin User Accounts
  • 20 Workers
  • 200 Products or Services
  • 2000 Orders
  • Content Maitenance help
  • Help with importing your data
  • Monthly 1 hour Consultations
  • Fast Lane Email Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 5,000 tokens
  • Gift: 1 page website on your domain for a year



  • All in Standard package
  • 5 Admin User Accounts
  • 50 Workers
  • 500 Products or Services
  • 5000 Orders
  • Dedicated manager to make success
  • We import for you first batch
  • Weekly 1 hour Consultations
  • Premium Support
  • Gift: BauBau AI credits - 10,000 tokens
  • Gift: Wordpress website with 10 pages  for a year

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